Our Activities

Our Activity

Nandi Hill View International School

Play Ground

Providing a proper playground is beneficial to keep the children fit and healthy. School playground equipment in India positively impacts children's emotional, social, physical, and mental growth. Various other advantages include increased self-esteem, critical thinking skills, and a strong immune system.


It stands to reason participation in sports can help improve academics. One reason is most schools have a minimum GPA in order to participate on a school team. For some kids, this is good motivation to study hard. However, regular exercise also improves memory and increases focus.

Yoga Class

Develops Focus and Concentration: The act of practicing poses encourages children to clear their mind and focus on the effort. As a result of this single focus to achieve a particular pose or stay balanced, yoga helps children to focus and concentrate in school and get better grades.

Dance and Music

Music and dance increase intelligence. Music education also ensures Success in Life: Practicing music develops qualities of teamwork, communication skills, self-discipline, confidence, and creativity. These are very much required in life and workplace. Participation in music enhances a student's creativeness.

Play room

A playroom is the most important spot for children. Here they can play, draw, read, and even sleep if they want to. Like every house has a bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, having a playroom for kids is equally important.

Science Exhibition

It provides a platform for the students to use their scientific knowledge and bring the best invention from their brains. It also allows students to work together in groups and learn from each other. They share their ideas and collectively galvanize those ideas to bring something innovative into implementation.

Karate Class

Karate Class offers many benefits for young children. Improved physical fitness, superior mind-body coordination, and self-discipline are just some of the characteristics of a martial art practitioner, that immediately come to mind.