School Facilities

Our Fecility

Nandi Hill View International School

Bus Fecility

School transportation contributes positively to reducing the traffic. With every student choosing buses for daily commute to school and a reduction in private vehicles comes from the safe environment. Less number of cars on roads results in reduced pollution.


CCTV Installation in school helps you see all activities taking place within the premises. We have often heard students committing theft at school. The thefts can be of many things. It can be an upcoming exam question paper stolen from the staff room or an important note being stolen from another student's bag.

Play Ground

Through playing children learn about concepts such as wining, loosing and playing fair and also develop problem-solving skills. Indoor play areas give children that opportunity to socialize with others and to develop such skills. Kids engaged in regular physical activity are healthier, both physically and emotionally.


Safety in schools is necessary to support the academic success of each child. It provides them the opportunity to learn and achieve their dreams. A policy on school safety promotes learning and feeling of school unity with a decreased level of violence.


Kindergarten is a preschool educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.


Develops important personality and career building skills. Classroom teaching inculcates conflict resolving skills, presentation skills when it comes to presenting their ideas confidently in front of peers, develops team spirit and teaches them to get along with those from different cultural backgrounds.

Computer Lab

School Computer Labs offer a space for students to explore, create, connect, and build digital literacy. These technologically advanced rooms can accommodate more students by providing more computing power, online learning and more.

Chemistry Lab

It allows students to explore chemical concepts, view changes in matter, and acquire scientific skills in an atmosphere that mimics a professional scientific environment.

Biology Lab

A biology lab is a laboratory that is dedicated to conducting experiments specifically in the field of biology. A biology lab is mostly seen in schools and other educational institutions specifically for the purposes of conducting experiments in biology and the observation of biological phenomena.

Physics Lab

The laboratory should help students to understand the role of direct observation in physics and to distinguish between inferences based on theory and on the outcomes of experiments.