About Chairman


Founder, Chairman

Nandhi hill view school

As the Chairman of NANDHI HILLVIEW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , I want to welcome each one of you to the campus and express my great excitement for the years ahead, for learning and exploring.

It is our duty to ensure that every student of ours excels in the field he or she chooses for pursuing higher studies. Students, like saplings, require nurturing. The amount of watering at the right time will give dividends of tall green trees and yield juicy fruits. Similarly, mentoring students with a well balanced curriculum under the mentorship of our researchers and academicians will shape self-reliant, matured, disciplined and responsible individuals. We encourage a stimulating and learner-friendly environment for the progress of every student.

Apart from academic excellence and infusing burning curiosity to learn and grow, NHVIS is always on its toes to discover and explore new talents. It encourages the learner to adopt good habits, develop a positive attitude and inculcate values of punctuality, self-respect & respect for others, team spirit, compassion, dignity of labour, and an open mind.

A synergetic mix of sports, music, dramatics, dance and computers with academic classes completes the picture of overall growth at NHVIS. The school is committed to excellence in all its endeavours.

To conclude, as the presiding Chairman of this school, I shoulder the responsibility of discharging the latest and most creative education to meet the requirements of a competitive world. We will not leave any stone unturned to provide the launch pad for the success story of every student of ours.